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Update #31
NAVADMIN 10-116 provides guidance regarding special uniform situations for Navy
Personnel assigned to and serving with Army units.  

Update #30
NAVADMIN  10-058 announces CNO approval of the Information Warfare Dominance Corps
Warfare breast insignia

Update #29
NAVADMIN 10-020 announces approval for final development and provides initial details for
wearing the service dress Khaki

Update #28
NAVADMIN 015-10 announces that the NEX has been marketing and selling non-regulation
uniform components

Update #27
Two New Working Navy Uniforms announced. The new type 2 and type 3 uniform are
announced in

Update #26
NAVADMIN 329/09 announces that NEX is accelerating the rollout of the Navy Working

Update #25
The Navy announced their Permanent Makup Policy in NAVADMIN 304-09. BLUF:
Permanent makup is allowed, but it must first be approved through your CO.

Update #24
NAVADMIN 271-09 clarifies the Naval Aircrew (NAC) designation, allows  the wearing of dual
warfare devices, allows the flight deck boot, and updates the navy permanent makup policy.

Update #23
NAVADMIN 188-09 announces the Navy Working Uniform is now allowed to be worn for
"routine stops" out in town.

Update #22
NAVADMIN 186-09 announces an update to the service uniform availability, quality concerns
with the NWU and the Generation 2, PTU Shirt.

Update # 21
NAVADMIN 149-09 announces new changes the Navy Uniform to maternity uniforms, physical
fitness uniforms, the Air Force Space Badge and changes to uniform board membership

Update #20
The Navy Working Uniform Official Wear Guide (pdf) and
NEX Uniform Distribution Map (pdf) is now posted online.

Update #19
The Navy Working Uniform is now authorized for wear in the Tidewater Region. This transition
shall occur by 1 October 2009.

Update #18
New Navy Working Uniform Posters are now Available for download

Upatate #17
The New Navy Working Uniform Rules are outlined in NAVADMIN 343-08

Update #16
NAVADMIN  312-08 announces the E1-E6 Service Uniform distribution schedule

Update #15
Effective immediately NAVADMIN 193/08 allows the following items are authorized to be worn
with the Camouflage Utility Uniform: Brown Brushless Boots, slip on rank insignia and the
"Riggers Belt"  

Update #14
Navy News Stand article of 7/11/08 Announcing the New Service Uniform will be available July
31, 2008.

Update #13
NAVADMIN 191/08 Codifies the guidelines for the new Physical Training Uniform (PTU)
manner and requirements of wear.

Update #12
NAVADMIN 190/08 Announces the Navy Uniform role out plan. The Uniforms will start being
issues in July in Great Lakes, and finish in April of 2010.

Update #11
NAVADMIN 094/08: The New Navy PT Uniform is now ready to hit the shelves. The first wave
of issues will be in April 2008.

Update #10
NAVADMIN 004/08. Major contracting glitches have delayed the New Navy Working Uniform
(NWU) role-out plan! This message explains what changed, and how the change will effect you
and your sailors.

Update #9
NAVADMIN 311/07 announces the New Navy Uniform Clothing Replacement Allowance
(CRA) policy. This allowance is strictly for the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) and additional
new uniforms.

Update #8
NAVY NEWS STAND ARTICLE OF 9/24/07 announces that selected officers and sailors will
begin limited wear testing of the uniform proto type, service dress khaki for chiefs and officers,
and service dress blues for E-6 and below, later this fall or early winter.

Update #7
NAVY NEWS STAND ARTICLE  of 8/17/07 announced that the CNO has just approved a
change in the New Physical Fitness Uniforms for Navy wide use. These uniforms can be used
for both command sponsored physical training or the PRT test.    

Update #6
NAVADMIN 351/06 announces the Navy Task Force Uniform implementation plan for tne new
E-1 through O-10 Navy Working Uniform (NWU) and the E-1 through E-6 Service Uniform.
View the

Update #5
NAVY NEWS STAND (NNS) article of 3/2/06 discusses the approval of the New Navy
Working Uniform and New Service Uniform to replace the current Navy Uniforms.

Update #4
NAVADMIN 070/06 States that phase-one work of Task Force Uniform (TFU) complete.

Update #3
NAVADMIN 197/05 Announces that soon a proposal and implementation plan will be
delivered for a new set of us navy uniform regulations for the 21st century.

Update #2
NAVADMIN 209/04. The CNO has approved wear test studies of the proposed New Navy
Uniforms for both Officers and Enlisted. Wear Testing will soon begin.

Update #1
NAVADMIN 154/03  requests fleet wide participation in a BUPERS uniform Survey.

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Navy Uniform Regulations (NAVPERS 15665I) (Caution, this is a 81 mb file)
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New US Navy
Pictures of the
New Navy Working
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Update   #38
NAVADMIN 25-14 Navy Uniform Regulations Update (NWU Type II/III
Chaplain Staff Corps Insignia, NESCO Warfare Insignia, NSF Badge
update, NWU Type III Authorization for wear update)

Update #37
Whats ahead in 2014 - Spring Navy Uniform Gram

Update #36
NAVADMIN 25-11 -- New Navy regulations on CPO Cutlass, Cell Phone,
Flight Suit, and Female Blouse

Update #35
Navy News Article -- Nearly 45,000 Sailors Receive Targeted Payment
for Navy Working Uniforms

Update #34
The new Navy Type II and III uniform pictures are now made public and can
be viewed here

Update #33
April Navy Uniform NewsGram  

Update #32
NAVADMIN 10-118 discusses backpacks,  ballcaps, coveralls and the
new CPO Cutlass
Pictures of the
New NWU Type II
and III